Clients are both men and women who retain our services through a premium fee-based membership. Much like executive search, pricing is dynamic and considers the scope and complexity of each individual search. The Connection works with clients through a defined contract. Each membership is a defined period of time. Introductions may be with other clients, from our candidate database, or recruited specifically for you from our extensive networks or through custom marketing efforts. Our concierge-caliber approach truly demonstrates that results are a function of investment. Our clients don’t have trouble finding dates, they simply do not have the time to waste on dates without long-term potential.

Joining our exclusive Network is designed for high-caliber men and women who are ready for a long-term, committed relationship, but are not yet ready to invest in a client membership. This program is 100% complimentary – no fees to join and no fees to match. Upon completing a confidential profile, candidates are eligible to be matched with The Connection’s clients. However, as a candidate, our Matchmakers will only reach out to you when they have identified a two-way fit with one of our clients. While we may not have a match for you right away, we are always working with new clients who may be the perfect match for you. As a candidate, you have nothing to lose and the love of your life to gain.

The cost of matchmaking services can vary greatly. Much like the executive recruitment process, our contract pricing varies based on the specific needs of each client and considers the complexity of the search The Connection pricing and memberships are customized based on the needs of the client. Our Matchmakers are dedicated to finding you a partner as efficiently as possible. 

Every search is unique, as are the preferences of your potential match. We are constantly working with new individuals every day, as well as updating their search preferences.The Connection takes the time to get to know you and your search before taking you on as client. We don’t take on every prospective search. We want to ensure that we understand the type of person you are looking to meet. We believe it’s about quality, not quantity. 

Our clientele represents a rich tapestry of individuals, ranging from regular people seeking love to well-known celebrities looking for meaningful relationships outside of the spotlight. 

We are very selective with our clients and candidates. Our Matchmakers carefully screen and filter each individual before taking on a search or proceeding with a match.

The Connection prides itself on being extremely  thorough. All of our clients and candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed and have been personally vetted. We don’t cut corners at The Connection. This process includes background checks, a social media analysis, identity verification, and our detailed interview process. 

Privacy is the foundation of our service. Our clients and candidates lead busy professional and public lives. We place a premium on privacy and discretion. We guarantee that your personal information will never be shared outside the scope of the search. Only the Connection team has access to your information and your consent is required before sharing personal contact information with a potential match.

Privacy Statement: The Connection prides itself on its discrete, confidential relationships with clients and candidates. All personal information you share is kept in strict confidence and is for Selective Search’s internal use only. We do not collect or store your personal identifiable information on our website. We do not rent, share, sell member database mailing lists, or share information about visitors to third parties.