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Our personalized approach will help you discover the love you’ve been seeking and deserve.


Our clients retain our services through a premium fee-based membership. Our concierge-caliber approach truly demonstrates that results are a function of investment. Our clients don’t have a difficult time finding dates, they simply do not have the time to waste on dates without long-term potential. We have made a significant impact on the lives of numerous clients by fostering lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Tap the “Apply Now” button anywhere on this page, fill out the short form, and a matchmaker will reach out to you to discuss your needs and determine if you are a good fit to work with one of our matchmakers

To become a client, first we start with a consultation. Since we only take on a certain amount of clients, we don’t accept everyone who applies. We want to make sure we are a good fit for each other. You need to interview us just as much as we are interviewing you.  We will discuss your dating and relationship history, values, habits, lifestyle and the type of person you are interested in meeting. Once selected to be a client your matchmaker will thoroughly understand who you are, what you’re looking for in order to deliver positive outcomes. Your matchmaker will carefully consider, screen, interview, and check the backgrounds of potential long-term partners before hand-selecting a small group of compatible individuals.

Part of what we do is provide our clients with a strong support throughout the process. We want to help you find the relationship you want and become one of our success stories. In order to achieve this, we will provide as much feedback, coaching and constructive criticism as necessary. 

Our Matchmaking Clients have no limit on the number of matches they receive but our goal is to make high-quality introductions that will lead to a long-term relationship. We are here to create lifelong relationships so we only set up meetings we believe have the best chances.

We take the time to understand your unique qualities, values, and aspirations. With expert guidance from a dedicated matchmaker, we curate connections that align with your deepest desires. Spending time with our clients up front and limiting the number of clients we take on increases the chances of finding your soulmate. Quality instead of quantity pays dividends across the spectrum.

A significant amount of time is spent with clients to ensure success. Not only is your matchmaker getting to know you and your expectations but, they are also learning about you to become your best spokesperson. They will always ensure you are able to put your best foot forward when meeting with potential matches. In addition, the date coaching and constant feedback will help hone in on slight changes (wardrobe, behavior, approach) that will have meaningful and lasting benefits.  We can’t wait to speak to you.

We maintain complete confidentiality throughout this process. You never have to be concerned about your identity, history, finances, or business being shared. Any and all personal information is kept confidential and shared only at our clients discretion. Our priority is to service our clients and is handled professionally and discreetly.

We carefully select how many clients we take on at any given time because we take great pride in our relationships with them and their success. We want each client to have their own curated, personalized experience. Every candidate who is a potnetial match for a client is interviewed and met either in person or Video Call. We frequently speak with candidates more than once before deciding to present them to our client! We want to avoid wasting our clients’ valuable time at all costs so we are extremely meticulous in our screening.

Join Our Exclusive Network

At The Connection, we’re dedicated to creating authentic connections and nurturing meaningful relationships. Join our exclusive network full of a diverse tapestry of successful, accomplished singles, all seeking meaningful relationships.

We understand not everyone can afford our membership prices. We have an exclusive network for those professionals who are looking for a relationship and want to be a bit more proactive in their dating lives.

First complete your confidential profile. Then you will be eligible to be matched with our clients. However, as a candidate, our Matchmakers will only reach out to you when they feel you match with one of our clients. This may happen immediately or sometime in the future. While we may not have a match for you right away, we are always working with new clients who may be the perfect match for you.