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At The Connection, we believe in actively guiding you through the journey of finding true love with the utmost care, attention, and expertise. Our matchmaking service tailors to your individual needs, offering the support and resources necessary for making lasting and meaningful connections.

A Matchmaking Service

What Sets us Apart

Matchmakers and matchmaking services often market themselves as “elite” or “luxury.” While some are genuine, many fall into the category of what we term “churn and burns.” In essence, these agencies may not be dedicated to helping you find the right partner. In certain instances, a “match” might involve coercing you into a date with someone you would never consider. This insight is derived from decades of experience in the matchmaking industry, always striving to act in the best interest of clients.

Prompted by the frustrations encountered in this process, Stefanie, our Founder, established her own matchmaking service. At The Connection, we uphold significantly higher standards and are committed to respecting your time. You will exclusively be introduced to individuals whom we believe share the greatest compatibility with you. The initial romantic experiences for each match are custom-tailored. From the outset, your dates have affirmed their interest in you. We never pair you with someone who isn’t already enthusiastic about you. As a bonus, your matchmaker serves as your most ardent advocate.

Love In Every Detail

Your Personal Matchmaker

At the core of The Connection is our personalized approach as a Matchmaking Service. We firmly believe in the uniqueness of love for each individual. Therefore, we invest time in delving deeper into who you are. Our expert matchmakers actively collaborate with you to grasp your personality, values, preferences, and aspirations. Through one-on-one consultations and intuitive insights, we meticulously curate matches that align with your deepest desires. This process not only fosters a profound understanding but also paves the way for finding your perfect match.

We prioritize personally meeting every potential match, eschewing reliance on computer programs and algorithms. We actively engage in meeting, interviewing, and vetting each potential match. This approach not only spares your valuable time but also underscores our commitment to quality over quantity. Our process is enriched by intuitive insights honed over two decades of matchmaking, ensuring a personalized and refined approach to finding your ideal match.

A Matchmaking Service | Concierge

  • Entrust everything to us! Your first date is meticulously arranged based on your preferences, fostering an environment for individuals to discover their chemistry and relish exploring the common connection they share. We take care of everything, from suggesting date ideas to managing scheduling, ensuring each introduction is personalized and chosen with your best interests in mind. Once you witness the level of detail and thought invested in each match, you’ll recognize that The Connection is the perfect fit for you.

A Matchmaking Service | Feedback

  • At The Connection, we firmly believe that personal growth constitutes a fundamental aspect of every successful relationship. We gain feedback to furnish you with valuable insights to assist you in this process. Following each date, we provide constructive feedback to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and refine your approach to dating.

A Matchmaking Service | Date Coaching

  • We offer date coaching so we can provide unwavering support throughout your journey. We want to make certain that our clients are happy, healthy and the best versions of themselves. Our dedicated team stands by your side, ensuring you present your best self in every interaction. Furthermore, our experienced coaches offer guidance on communication, self-confidence, and relationship building, empowering you to forge meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

A Matchmaking Service

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